Glenn's Old Time Skate Gallery

Glenn waiting to drop in
Endless Summer, 1979
The release of the movie "Dog Town and Z Boys" inspired me to go through my old collection of photos from my heavy skating days of the late 70s and try to assemble something on the web. This is the beginning of a work in progress so stay tuned for (hopefully) more.

I started skateboarding regularly in Junior High School (around 1974). The local ice arena in Allen Park had some nice cement embankements out back that made perfect skating terrain and we spent just about every day there during our summers. In high school, several of us joined the "Systems" Skateboard Team which was sponsored by Schuman's Schwinn Cyclery in Dearborn, Michigan. Right about that same time (a little before that actually), some parks started to pop up in Michigan. In the greater Detroit area, I remember four of them.
Endless Summer was where we did most of our skating. By the time we were making weekly trips out there (about 30 minutes one way), our team had disbanded but several of us still skated together. Matt MacDonald, Tom Demerly, Larry Cepuran, Bob Reedy, Joe Barak, John Thiry, and myself all crammed into Larry's tiny car and headed out there almost every weekend. John usually kept his skating to a minimum and, instead, took a lot of photos. His skate photos are, even today, about the best skate photos I've seen out of southeast Michigan.

Shown below is a sampling of what I could find. Most of the photos I have were taken at Endless Summer. This park had it's share of locals who were much better than we were and ended up being the subjects of many of John's photos. I'm going to try and locate a bunch more. Hopefully from some other parks also.

Click any of the thumbnails below to see the larger version. The first eleven photos were taken by John Thiry in the 1979-1982 time frame. Some photos after that were donated by Gary Coghlin who was also a southeast Michigan skater back then and found this gallery on the web.