Little Miss Rasa

Born: May 10, 2003

Little Miss Rasa was born in Bridgeport, Texas on May 10 and is a female tiger. No ... she doesn't live at our house. She lives at the Center for Animal Research and Education. Rasa (human Rasa) has been to the center several times doing volunteer work with the big cats that live there. On a trip in May of 2003, one of the female tigers gave birth. The cubs were pre-mature and nobody knew she was pregnant so they weren't looking for this event. It happened during the night and one of the females babies somehow ended up out of the pen and on the ground. Rasa (again ... human Rasa) had gone out very early on the 10th to water the cats and found the cub still alive. If she hadn't gone out so early that day, the cub would have certainly died. Since Rasa had done so much work at the center and since she also found this lucky little tiger, the newborn tiger was named after her and we like to refer to her as our daughter.