Born: April 16, 1990
Died: January 12, 2002

Cooper was our second dog. He was born in Dearborn Heights, Michigan at Alegra Labradors. We brought him home at the beginning of June that year. Cooper was a terror all his life. He was notorious for getting into situations and things. While his cleverness could be maddening, it also was endearing. He was an attention hound and routinely stole the show with visitors. Especially kids. Everybody loved that big old dumb head. At about 8 years old, Cooper was diagnosed with diabetes. We began giving him insulin to keep his blood sugar under control and we were quite successful in doing so. Over Christmas of 2001, he developed pancreatitis and was quite ill. We stayed with him day and night nursing him back to health. Just as he was almost fully recovered, he threw an embolism in his lung and died. Cooper will remain irreplaceable. He always knew exactly how we were feeling and could always do just the right thing to put either of us in a good mood. He was, is, and always will be king.

- That's "Mr. Buddy" to you!