Born: February 23, 2004
Died: October 18, 2014

Aspen was born in Traverse City, Michigan at Harborlight Newfoundlands. She was our fourth dog and came to us at eight weeks old weighing in just under 20 pounds. Aspen was an absolute sweetheart and easily the mellowist dog we ever had. The term "gentle giant" truly fit her. While her brothers liked to run and hike in the woods, Aspen's favorite activity was always being adored during walks through town. She was known to several of the shop owners in Leland and the folks at Carlson's were always ready with some whitefish sausage for her when she came by. Over the course of her life, Aspen had gone through two knee surgeries and never really fully recovered from them. In the fall of 2014, her ongoing orthopedic problems couple with deteriorating health got the best of her and she passed in Suttons Bay in October.

The first two photos came from the breeder.