For Sale

Roland GAIA SH-01


I love this unit. I originally purchased it as a light weight and inexpensive synthesizer I could gig with laying down pads into my looper. In addition, I love the way its laid out. The whole panel is very logical and its a unit for someone who is new to subtractive synthesis to learn how it all works. The unit itself is a virtual analog synthesizer. That is, it looks like an analog synth, sounds like an analog synth, but is really digitally modeled under the hood.

So why am I selling? These days my entire live rig is computer based. So I've swapped this unit out for a small MIDI keyboard controller and bunch of software synths. At home, I'm looking to get into analog modular synthesis so I'm moving this unit out just to clear space and funds.

Roland still manufactures and sells this unit. The street price for a new one is around $660. This one is in new condition and I will sell for $450 plus shipping.

For more information/specs/details, please visit the GAIA SH-01 page on the Roland website at: