Synthesizer Fundamentals (June 2011)
Re-write of an article first posted in May of 2008
An overview of how subtractive synthesizers work.

MIDI Control (May 2003)
Using MIDI to control one or many effects devices.

Rane SP 13 Stick Preamp (January 2002)
How to use the SP 13 preamp module specifically made for the Stick.

Looping (September 2001)
A definition and a little of the history of looped music.

Getting a Stick (July 2001)
A little about the many options faced by first time Stick buyers.

Stick Tunings for 10/12 Strings (May 2001)
Description of the various tunings for 10 and 12 string Stick.

Using a metronome (February 2000)
Some notes about making good use of your metronome.