04/24/17 - Art in the Atrium

On Saturday, May 20 at 6:00PM, Glenn will be performing on Stick and guitar at the annual Art in the Atrium event put on by the Clarkston Cultural Arts Council. See the calendar for details.

01/03/17 - 2017 Interlochen Stick Workshop

Registration is now open for the 2017 Interlochen Stick Workshop taking place Wednesday-Saturday, July 12-15. More...

08/22/15 - Charts page updated with videos

The charts page has been broken up into a Stick section and a guitar section. The stick section now contains videos to go along with the charts. The guitar section videos will be coming soon. More...

06/18/14 - Items for Sale

I have several items for sale on the gear sale page.

07/04/11 - Updated Article

Synthesizer Fundamentals is a re-write of an article first posted in 2008 and is an overview of how subtractive synthesizers work and how they relate to many of today's newer hardware and software synths. More...